I can’t say the kitchen is my favorite spot in the house because I really do love the entire thing … but I find the kitchen is my favorite spot to be creative with food (duh). That being said, there is nothing creative about any of the items I am recommending below but they do bring me a level of joy of which I believe Marie Kondo would approve. (Maybe not because I haven’t actually read Marie Kondo.)

Kohler Dish Rack

This dish rack found me through an Instagram ad. I totally fell for all its fancy tricks then I clicked through the ad and nearly fell off my chair. $70 for A DISH RACK?!

Three weeks later I was still obsessively thinking about it and there was nothing similar or cheaper in the market so I clicked buy.

I know this sounds insane, but I love this dish rack. I don’t use it every day (maybe 4x/week) because I have a dishwasher so the fact that it collapses and slides neatly under the sink is must. The silverware holder is also collapsible so if you’re washing your Le Creuset dutch ovens (yes, ovens), they’ll easily fit inside. You can fit two dutch ovens and lids in this rack at the same time.

The wine glass holder, while cool, is rarely used as I’m king of throwing everything possible in the dishwasher.

The actual dish rack is all 1 piece – but the bottom rack will pop out so you can wash the base tray when you need to. It’s heavy enough so it won’t tip no matter how awkwardly you create a leaning tower of dishes. And I’ve just realized I wrote 5 paragraphs about a dish rack. I wonder what my high school self would say about this. Buy here

The $15 Bread Knife

I will not write 5 paragraphs about this knife, because well, it’s a knife and its only magic trick is that it cuts through everything like softened butter. I cannot believe it took me so long to find this beauty. Buy here

Takeya Iced Tea & Coffee Makers

I love a good cold brew coffee. For a while, I was making it using this nut milk bag method but it really made a mess. So, I decided to switch it up.

I stumbled upon these Takeya beverage makers a year before I eventually bought the cold brew coffee one. The coffee filter that goes inside the pitcher is made from a really fine-weave material so the coffee grinds actually stay in the basket.

The pitchers are leak proof; they fit in refrigerator doors and are pretty mess-free when it come to making iced beverages. My recommendation is to buy the 2-quart size. Buy here

Rev-A-Shelf Double 35 Qt. Pull-Out Black and Chrome Waste Container

When I was designing my kitchen, I forgot to put in a built-in trash and recycling station. I set out to find an affordable solution after I moved in because I’m not a fan of a trash can just hanging out.

After measuring the cabinets, scoping out my options online, and reading all the reviews, I settled on the Rev-A-Shelf chrome model.

When you open the box, the trash cans look so small, but they hold the perfect amount of recyclables and trash. The Rev was easy to set up and install. All you need is a drill and some arm strength. I did it myself in 15 minutes. Buy here

Teakhaus Cutting Board

Once I moved out of my ADU, I was dying for a large wooden cutting board. I read many reviews and “the best wood to make a cutting board” opinions online. I really liked the idea of a teak board because it is very resistant to moisture. While the maple Boos boards are very popular, I didn’t care for how light the wood color actually is. I decided to go with the Teakhaus 24″ x 18″ x 1.5″ board.

It’s great. It’s so large that I can chop a ton of veggies for dinner and nothing falls off onto the counter. It’s also heavy enough that it doesn’t travel around the counter. Buy here

What are your favorite kitchen tools? I’d love to know!

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