Hi Friends!

Happy New Year (calendar and Lunar)!

I know we’ve been a bit MIA the last quarter of 2018. We’ve had so many big projects percolating that we just put our heads down and kept a steady marathon pace going.

Are you ready for a brief recap of what’s been going on? Good. We are so ready to share.

Kimo and I got married.

We don’t know who’s more excited. Me? Him? Our cats, Oliver and Clover? Maybe our parents? We had a great day full of love, happy tears, and laugher.




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We moved… three days before the wedding

Yep, it was a crazy, crazy holiday season and start to 2019. It was such a huge relief to move out of our 500 sq. ft. cottage and back into 1500 sq. ft.

Hello, again, home office! How we’ve missed thee.

That’s definitely not the home office. That’s our master bath. We’ll do a full house tour when we’re fully unpacked and settled in. We still have various pending house projects, furniture being shipped in, and built-ins being built…

What do you think of the new look?

This website was a huge labor of love fueled by lots of tea, coffee, and swear words (at least my part of the work was fueled accordingly).

JR from Knaak Knaak did the bulk of the work. I just casually gave him wanted and unwanted input all the time. 😂 Just kidding. We work really well together and tend to bounce ideas off each other all the time.

We’re still working on the final details but I’m in love with the new look.

What’s next in 2019?




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Well, as always Kimo has new listings coming up. Have you seen the gorgeous Waihonua Penthouse? Run! Don’t walk. For approximately 5.987 seconds I considered scrapping our new house and moving there. We also have some listings coming up in Hawaii Kai and Kailua…

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