by Lauren, ex-home stager.

I love Target. Their home decor products change every season. One of my favorite things to do is order online to pick up in store. Easy peasy. You can also save money by using the coupons available in their mobile app plus get 5% off with the Target Red card. It is worth it to be on their mailing list; you’ll always know when the sales start. Things they will not ship to Hawaii: storage chests, beds, some rugs, headboards, and dressers. Things you’d be surprised they do ship to Hawaii for FREE: nightstands, console tables, tufted armchairs, larger artwork pieces, and floor lamps. If you see something you love, just buy it. You can always return it later. I’ve kicked myself in the butt so many times after missing out on different pieces because I didn’t make up my mind soon enough. You never know what will become extremely popular and sell out. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Shop here.

Wayfair/All Modern
I have always been very hesitant to order from Wayfair. It was largely due to sticker shock when I would see how much Hawaii shipping adds to the price. However, once I looked past my shipping shock, I realized that when you actually do the math and divide the shipping cost equally between the number of items in your cart and then lie to yourself and pretend you’re not paying for shipping, it’s really not bad at all.

I just purchased two nightstands for a rental unit. They were on sale and together they came out to $247.98. A steal for two “Campaign” nightstands in a gorgeous blue. Once I added them to the cart, shipping was $85.99. After my mini-meltdown, I realized that my total came out to $333.97. I was way under budget for two nightstands – plus there is nothing like them on the island. Don’t let the shipping cost scare you away!

Lamps Plus
Let me just start with saying Lamps Plus does not just carry lighting. They are an entire home goods shop. I, however, have only purchased lamps and light fixtures from them. This is another place where you may freak out when you see the shipping cost. On average I spend about $45 for shipping. It makes sense when you can pick up something unique for a fraction of the cost you’d pay for lamps on Oahu. About a year ago, I was looking for a set of lamps with USB ports. I could only find them at Inspiration furniture and they were $300 a piece. I took to Google and found Lamps Plus. I bought two mercury glass USB lamps for $99.99 and paid $48 for shipping. I’ve placed several orders with them over the past year and I’ve never been disappointed. Always be sure to check the dimensions and read reviews. My orders usually arrive within a week.

Red Knot Hawaii
I am in furniture stores quite a bit these days. One of the things that bug me about shopping for furniture locally is that I have a knack for picking the things that are sold out and won’t arrive for 3 months. I never have a deadline that far out where I can wait. This has happened to me at Red Knot, however, I’ll usually find a random gem at a great price. This is my favorite place to find armchairs, chic couches, and the occasional bedframe. I’ve even found a great 36″ dining table here – and those are rare.

Gilt is my #1 stop for artwork and rugs. SO MANY GREAT THINGS (for all styles). It’s dangerous. Sometimes I just order artwork because I think it’s pretty. I have no idea where it’s going. If I’m going to use it for staging or eventually put it in a client’s home/vacation rental. This is largely why I have two storage units for my staging inventory. Here’s the deal with shipping: You pay $9.99 and that covers your shipping for a month. One month I ordered three 8’x10′ rugs and about 8 paintings. I spent $9.99 to ship them to Hawaii. You can see how this gets out of hand. Orders take about 4 weeks to arrive, so it feels like Christmas when your packages show up. If you shop via this link, you will receive $25 off your first purchase!

TJ Maxx
I’m a wee bit embarrassed to admit this: but I’m at TJ Maxx about once a week. I always find a way to tack it onto my list of errands. There are things that I’m always looking for. Because I know where every department is in my local TJ Maxx, I can be in and out in 7 minutes … if I don’t get distracted. My favorite things to pick up here are: artwork, shower curtains, cloth shower curtain liners, throw pillows, bookends, coffee table books, armchairs, side tables, and baskets for organizing. TJ Maxx will also ship to Hawaii. They advertise free shipping if you spend over $89. If I’m ordering a bunch of artwork I’ll happily upgrade my shipping for $20 and everything arrives within a week.


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